NHL Talk: @BuffaloSabres Trade Deadline Recap of last 8 years: Darcy traded on deadline day in 7 of last 8 years (exception was last year when he traded the day prior)

Interesting about Darcy, and probably widely known [but I didn’t know], the past 8 years of trade deadline eligibility (04-05 lockout)… he traded on the deadline day on 7 of those years (with 1 trade also happening the day prior to deadline in 2004, in addition to the trades on deadline in 2004 that interestingly enough included Brad Boyes in a 3-way deal from SJ to Bruins), and 1 of those years he only did one trade that was on the day before the deadline — that was last year.
2003-04: March 9th, 2004 deadline, they traded the day before:
March 8, 2004 To Buffalo Sabres

Brad Brown
6th round pick in 2005

To Minnesota Wild

4th round pick in 2005

and then they traded that day:
March 9, 2004 To Buffalo Sabres

Jeff Jillson

To San Jose Sharks

Curtis Brown

To Boston Bruins

Brad Boyes
Andy Delmore

March 9, 2004 To Buffalo Sabres

Mike Grier

To Washington Capitals

Jakub Klepis

2004-05: No season, lock-out.
2005-06: March 9th, 2006 deadline, they traded that day:

To Vancouver Canucks

Mika NoronenTo Buffalo Sabres

Second-round pick in 2006

2006-07: Feb 27th, 2007 deadline, they traded that day (last team to trade):
February 27, 2007 To Philadelphia Flyers

Martin Biron

To Buffalo Sabres

Second-round pick in 2007

February 27, 2007 To Columbus Blue Jackets

Fifth-round pick in 2007

To Buffalo Sabres

Ty Conklin

February 27, 2007 To Washington Capitals

Jiri Novotny
First-round pick in 2007

To Buffalo Sabres

Dainius Zubrus
Timo Helbling

February 27, 2007 To Nashville Predators

Fourth-round pick in 2007

To Buffalo Sabres

Mikko Lehtonen

From Wikipedia page…  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006%E2%80%9307_Buffalo_Sabres_season     “The Sabres were the last team to be involved in a trade in the 2006–07 season. On the day of the NHL trade deadline, though, they made four trades. Goaltender Martin Biron, who had been the longest-tenured Sabre, was sent to Philadelphia for Philadelphia’s second-round pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Buffalo’s fifth-round pick in that draft was sent to Columbus in exchange for another backup goalie, Ty Conklin. Jiri Novotny was sent along with Buffalo’s 2007 first-round pick to Washington in exchange for Dainius Zubrus and Timo Helbling. Finally, the Sabres sent their fourth-round pick in 2007 to Nashville for Mikko Lehtonen, a minor league defenseman.[12]”.   Sidenote: Vanek was a +47 on the season. (best in entire NHL). Unreal. He had Briere.
2007-08: Feb 26th, 2008 deadline, they traded that day: 
To San Jose Sharks

Brian Campbell
Seventh-round pick in 2008

To Buffalo Sabres

Steve Bernier
First-round pick in 2008

2008-09: March 4th, 2009 deadline, they traded that day:
March 4, 2009 To Buffalo Sabres
Mikael Tellqvist
To Phoenix Coyotes
Fourth-round pick in 2010
March 4, 2009 To Buffalo Sabres
Dominic Moore
To Toronto Maple Leafs
Second-round pick in 2009
March 4, 2009 To Buffalo Sabres
Second-round pick in 2009
To Edmonton Oilers
Ales Kotalik
2009-10: March 3rd, 2010 deadline, they traded that day:
March 3, 2010[7] To Columbus Blue Jackets

Nathan Paetsch
2nd round pick in 2010

To Buffalo Sabres

Raffi Torres

March 3, 2010[8] To Atlanta Thrashers

Clarke MacArthur

To Buffalo Sabres

3rd round pick in 2010
4th round pick in 2010

2010-11: February 28, 2011 deadline, they traded one day before deadline:
February 27, 2011[20] To St. Louis Blues

2nd-round pick in 2011

To Buffalo Sabres

Brad Boyes

IDEA #134: AirBNB for Employee Hours


Have you ever worked somewhere that some employees are sitting around, surfing the web, and not being productive? They obviously have too much time on their hands and likely should be fired if they suck, because they are likely bringing the entire organization down on productivity (“if she isn’t working and doesn’t care, why do i? she doesn’t get punished for it”).

Anyhow, what about possibly outsourcing some spare time that your employees have. This could also help if the company is in need of revenue. If a programmer could work 10 hours per week for another company that wasn’t a competitor, that could help pay their salary.

Social Good Startup Idea #133: Kickstarter for Neighborhood Initiatives


This is a simple idea really, although probably could use its’ own website to help facilitate/coordinate. What about using Kickstarter (which is a website for crowd-funding ideas) and utilize it for neighborhood initiatives, such as painting a house, fixing someone’s roof, etc. Essentially helping thy neighbor.

This could simply be that one person leads the way for getting someone’s house painted that can’t afford it. Maybe $500 is needed for the paint and supplies, and 10 people are needed. I believe people locally would contribute financially if they couldn’t be there in real life to help.

Think of it as a crowd-sourced (and on a smaller-scale) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, for communities.

I believe these types of activities simply benefit everyone — you feel great about helping someone, you meet others helping, the recipient feels grateful with their new/refreshed *insert whatever here, such as Home*.

And/or mowing lawns, snowplowing driveways.

My belief is that there’s a lot of elderly and single Mothers out there that could use some help, as I’m sure many other people.

I find it amazing that most of us don’t know our neighbors.