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100+ Web Start-up Business Ideas

With this recession and unemployment so high, there’s likely a lot of people looking to start their own business. Hopefully one of these ideas of mine can provide some inspiration to just one of those people.

I’m formerly a TechCrunch writer, a serial web entrepreneur, and an idea guy. I can’t believe I’ve posted 100+ web start-up business ideas in the past couple years. Below is a compilation of them. They are all for the taking and if they aren’t perfect, hopefully they give you some ideas of your own. If you’ve seen any of these implemented, please post in the comments as I’d love to check them out. And if you know other ‘idea’ websites, please post in the comments for others to visit.

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  • Tim

    you forgot “”. you get on your keyboard and the website tells you your weight.

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  • business videos

    I like your submission on videos. For progressive business need the video marketing because this world is video marketing world. And video marketing and launches some business videos to promote your business.

  • Lee

    WOW. I thought I was an ideas person. I’m inspired. I think I’m gonna start a list too =D.

  • Mike Hedge

    wow! what a great list!!!! awesome

    Mike Hedge

  • Adorno

    great list. i want try some item

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    Amazing list from the expert…i should try some
    thanks a lot..


  • Yunjian

    Steve, great list. You’ve done what I just planned to do. I look up to you. I feel inspired.

    Currently at #21, my plan is 100 ideas in 100 days.

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  • Thomas

    Lots of ideas that can scale and become good companies.Ilike mint for health.Check out lots of other ideas here.

  • mistasparkaru

    My idea is allows you to import your favorites so you have access to them where-ever you go.

    Its doing pretty well so, i get 1000 favorites imported every 10 days or so and 20 new users a week.

  • Michael Hartzell

    Steve I have to be honest. At first I was ashamed. Why? Because as I readi your article, I did not completely finish looking at all of the 100 ideas via the links.

    But then I saw the discount at the top for istockphoto. That made me smile because I can use that. It can be my excuse for not completing my look at all 100 of the ideas.

    Then I was guilty. You have a link for me with a discount and I do not give anything back?

    So. To make it up for you and give at least $25 in value. (or more) I blogged about your post and gave it my review.

    While it looks like you are already famous, I figured there is always room for jello so I added hot water and went for it.

    In the end I am appreciative and a little in awe of one hundred.

    Hope we are even now.


  • Dave Paulson

    Thanks for the list I love all of these!

  • Dave

    Awesome list of ideas. Just seeing them together in one place is instant cross-pollination. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try to incorporate Idea #92 into my own project~

    I’m working on an idea discussion site called Sparkmuse that is aimed at tech entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of idea refinement and execution. The alpha starts soon, check it out at

  • Berky

    Wow. That’s some creativity :-) Why don’t you post it somewhere like here ? Anyone can then discuss and support your idea or get inspired.

  • Adnan

    Interesting list. I also have a dozen of ideas and I want to sell them. I don’t know how to do it

  • Business Startup Ideas

    Thanks for sharing the list.

  • Gschultz

    “And if you know other ‘idea’ websites, please post in the comments for others to visit.”

  • Gschultz
  • Car games

    This is an impressive list there is no doubt, I just read 2-3 start up businees ideeas from here, and I’m very anxious to read more

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  • Jakkrit

    These would be inspire the next

  • Aa

    very confusing… use a good template

  • Startup_watch

    Hi Steve, this is really cool post, can I share it on my site I like the part with hand sketches of ideas. Great concept!

  • Steve Poland


  • Steve Poland

    Not reprinting, but link to and you can show some examples. Thanks!

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    Thanks for compiling this great list of ideas. Very helpful post.

  • Startup_watch

    thx Steve, i’ll put some samples and link you. I guess you got lot of visits on this post, interesting stuff, have you managed to start some of this ideas?

  • Steve Poland

    I haven’t, I wish someone would 😉

  • Havearun

    Very Useful Ideas..Thanks for Sharing…

  • mr.bansal

    Hi , this is really cool post, can I share it on my site I like the part with hand sketches of ideas. Great concept!

  • ITMag

    Here is my ever-expanding list:

  • Mr Gaur

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  • Hunters Creek

    Some awesome ideas! I am glad I found this blog to follow…

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  • KiranaTama

    thanks for the post.. it really help me to find idea to be the next young start up

  • Avinash Varma

    Food for thoughts. Thanks for so many ideas.
    Can add quote site for fun.. reading text quotes on FB is getting really boring. So users can create quotes and those will be shared with neat and tidy manner over SNS.
    Users can also see quotes of famous people and share the same..

  • Kapil Patel

    I have an idea about a website that provides reviews & ratings for professionals. Also work could be posted for them & they could get alerts. Costomers get quotes & calls from the professionals. Such a website for worldwide professionals is the need of the hour.

  • robert

    I just had an idea, what about a website you could go to an pay a price to take a virtual tour at popular and exotic places around the world. You know just like you were doing the driving and walking and jumping off the falls ect. To me it seems like there would be a few places i would like to see as a virtual tour that I would never be able to afford. Just an idea

  • GetViable

    Hi Steve,

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