10 Twitter Hack Start-Up Ideas


10 Twitter application ideas — with or without their API are below.

Be sure to throw some Google AdSense around any of these ideas to get a little monetization out of your project.

  1. digg interface — allow people to vote up their favorite twitters (which sometimes are favorite quotes or breaking news items).
  2. Mash ebay’s API (and ebay username) with twitter username — post new items a twitterer is selling as a twitter by that user.
  3. Techmeme of twitterers — tinyurl.com must be seeing tons of traffic increase, because every twitterer is using tinyurl.com URLs. Techmeme keeps track of what the tech blogosphere is blogging about — do the same for Twitter. Grab all the tinyurl.com URLs, convert them to their actual URLs, and see what websites everyone is truly twittering about.
  4. Timeline for each city — start storing the public timeline xml feed and allowing a user to input a specific city to see what’s been said lately by people that live there.
  5. RSS feeds of keyword specific queries — A Twitter search engine already exists (you could do the same by pulling all twitters from public timeline xml feed), but it should also be an RSS feed, so you can see who’s talking about something you care about (music bands, product, movie, sports team, city, etc).
  6. Twitter Tag Cloud — similar to above; start indexing the public timeline xml feed and see what everyone is talking about — overall, past 24 hours, past 1 hour, etc. User could input a Twitter username and see a specific user; or specific user and their friends; or just the friends of a specific username.
  7. Twitter users specify a blog / MySpace URL — start indexing those and tying people together based on their friends and followers. Input a username and you’ll see “spheres of influence” — or 6 degrees of separation. Maybe display where these people all exist on a map.
  8. My followers live where? I’d love to see a Google Map of all my followers — so if I’m going to San Fran for the weekend, I could hit someone up and say hi! (note: I’ll likely know where my friends are, but this day in age that might not be the case — so display them too).
  9. Categorization: Mash twitters up with some sort of directory of categories with content from those categories, and start an auto-categorization of twitters. Thus, if someone twitters about ‘springsteen’ or ‘ratm’ or ‘bloc party’, then those are music-related.
  10. MyBlogLog copycat — a widget that people put in their webpage, which displays recent twitter visitors to their page. Also allows those people to quickly post a twitter about the webpage they just visited. List all twitter comments for that URL in the widget as well.

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