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The Sports Stadium/Arena as a Platform

Tweet Since my SXSW trip where I saw a presentation by Populous, the company that works on new stadiums, I’ve been thinking about how the stadium should be a platform. The stadium should have tons of cameras, lights, LEDs on stairways, LEDs everywhere, sensors on field,


Open Office Hours 8am-9am Wednesdays

Tweet Starting next week Wednesday, February 18th, I will be making myself available to speak with anyone in 15-minute increments from 8am-9am, Wednesday mornings. I’ll be at Sweetness_7 Cafe, 220 Grant Street, Buffalo, NY 14213. If you have an idea you’d like some feedback on;


Church, the Bitcoin Savior?

Tweet Congregations of people donate lots of money to help those in need — including poverty-stricken individuals across the world. A local congregation in my area announced they’ve been able to donate $10 million. I imagine congregations being able to immediately help the 4 billion